Hogwarts Donations






Our site is made by our members and paid for by our members. The staff at Hogwarts School Online does this on their donated spare time and make no money what's so ever. We however have loads of out of pocket expenses to maintain the site such as domain and hosting plans. In order to keep the site running smoothly we ask that you donate any amount you can to us for help to maintain the site active and alive. Click on any of the paypal logos and it will direct you to the form to donate using any of the above credit cards or even your own paypal account. It's fast and secure. Please then send an email to Admin@hogwartonlineschool.com, Jess AKA our deputy headmistress, informing her you have donated. Once the donation has been received, you, as a valued site member will have a special Dumbledore's Army coin award presented to you in your profile, which will remain there forever. We as the Governors wish to acknowledge those special and loyal members of the site.